This page shows some impressions from me (David) spending some months in Jerusalem,
studing 'Visual Communications' at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem.
Hope it'll be fun to look at. For any questions, remarks or a hello, please feel free
to contact me. If I find time, I'll answer ;) ...ah, the blog is in english for
egoistic & international reasons (I speak English here...and some words Hebrew)


armenian quarter

this trip was part of our 'jerusalem course' - we went throuh the armenian quarter in the old city
they even have an own football ground.



my poster class, we had to make posters and spread them over the city, the critics we did in the city - was cool.


in the last two weeks at noon nearly every day a band was playing at the 'hang out'
place in front of the main building. Nice. First picture shows the view from the library - on clear days you see the dead sea.



a party on a roof, like in ancient times ;)



some art performance on the street
and a picture, I guess everyone knows.


if you want to go to Jerusalem with all your luggage
and for little money, ask these nice guys.
They'll drive you with a Shirut (Taxi with 12 seats or so)


Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, 3:00 am,
nearly everyone want to come to Israel


Oktober 2007  
November 2007  

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